Project investment spectrum with decentralized financing system & NFT.



CryptoLabs Capital is a venture fund management investment firm which focuses on crypto projects and blockchain companies investing in public and private markets.

Our company was founded in February 2021 and since its inception, we have earned a reputation for progressive and independent creators. In our portfolio, we have collected successful projects, which shows our competence in choosing partners.

Now cryptocurrency is one of the most global asset classes, which is why we have created our team around the world, we have branches in New York, Hanoi, New Delhi, as well as in Beijing.

Since we are a cryptocurrency fund, we regularly participate in the networks through betting, holding operations, as well as liquidation. Also we are very well aware of the crypto technology market trends. We do everything in our power to ensure that companies from our portfolio achieve maximum success.

Today we manage capital on behalf of venture capital funds, family offices, as well as institutions and individual workers.


We are engaged in investing in promising projects based on blockchain in the networks: Ethereum, Binance Smart Chain, Polygon, Solana and other L1. In addition to funding, our company provides resources, industry connections and extensive support for budding developers to create promising projects.


Our company offers long-term relationship with our partners, and throughout our cooperation we will be close by and do our best to help them on their way to success.


Do you have a business proposal? Do you want to learn more about us? Email us and we'll answer you ASAP.